Where’s Walleto?

Channeling my inner 5th grader on this fine Friday the 13th, I decided to put together a little CONTEST for db clay’s Kickstarter campaign called “Where’s Walleto.” A play on words obviously from Where’s Waldo — for those of you that don’t know, Where’s Waldo is a children’s book from back in the day where some crazy bastard in a snow cap and red striped T-shirt would travel the world and hide in crowds.  It was always a fun adventure looking for him.

On that note, I decided to put together a little crowd-supported CONTEST in an effort to track down all the db clay Wallets on the planet.  To encourage your participation, I will be raffling off 1 new Wallet a week for anyone who submits a pic of their db clay Wallet to our Facebook Page.

Feel to have fun with this. It can be as simple as a quick snapshot of your Wallet on the table at a coffee shop. Or for all your creative folks, feel free to setup some elaborate theatre set and dress your Wallet up. Whatever you do is great. Here’s how it works:

1) Take a picture of you/your db clay Wallet
2) Upload your picture to facebook.com/dbclay
3) For the next 4 weeks, I will do a raffle drawing for one free db clay Wallet – drawings will be every Friday

That’s it – have fun – I look forward to your uploads!

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