Wallet, Keys and Smartphone

With more than a decade or so in the Wallet bidness, it soon became second nature for me to pay attention to people’s habits as it relates to what personal accessories they choose to carry and why. While everyone behaves differently there is much the same. In particular, one nearly universal trend I’ve been closely watching over the years is the convergence of 3 grab and go items: your Wallet, your Keys, and your Smartphone. These are 3 items that seem to be carried by most of us daily.

On that note, I wanted to provide a little insight into the design direction behind LINE 0.0. ¬†When I first started making Wallets back in 1998, I would often get requests for big bulky Wallets such as tri-folds with tons of pockets and a drop-down ID window and a coin pouch and a receipt slot and a… you get the idea. Big capacity. While working my stall at the street markets I would get folks from all walks of life coming up to my booth and pulling out their Wallets to show me. It was always comedy when someone pulled out their “Constanza Wallet.”

Since 1998, I have noticed a gradual decline toward people carrying less and less in their Wallet. The primary reason for this trend is the advent of the smartphone which has increasingly replaced traditional functions of a Wallet. In response to this trend, I decided to design our LINE 0.0 Wallets to be super flat, small and thin to accomodate this evolution in tech. No longer do we need to carry 20 cards, a big stack of receipts and our pizza by the slice cards. While we still have a way to go in terms of security, cultural spending habits, infrastructure upgrades, monetary policy, etc… I have a feeling smartphones will eventually eclipse the traditional Wallet as the leading pocket organizer. The only question is when?

Inside LINE 0.0:

In the coming weeks and months I will be tracking advancements in the Mobile Payments industry on this here Blog – see the Roundup links below. I will be adding to this list and as I do, I welcome your feedback. How do you feel about using your smartphone as your Wallet?

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