Time to Code

Today I decided that it’s time I learn how to code. I’m surrounded by a ton of super talented web developers in Portland and elsewhere, and for years, I’ve always admired the craft. I’ve worked on a ton of web projects and have collaborated with web masters of all kinds – and yet, I’ve never been able to draft a lick of code of my own.

As designer and strategist this has been a bit frustrating because often, I have an idea, but when it comes down to execution, I’ve always been dependent on others to get it done. I’ve also had to call in a lot of favors when it comes to updating my blog, fixing bugs, etc. That said, I figured now would be as good a time as any to get started and to better educate myself on the World Wide Web.

Earlier today I mentioned this interest in learning how to code and several of my web developer friends chimed in and recommended some books I should pick up to get started. I wanted to share the short book list in case you too are thinking about diving into web development.


Bulletproof Web Design
Handcrafted CSS
Learn to Program
HMTL5 for Web Designers
Responsive Web Design
CSS3 for Web Designers

Thanks to Gerren, Diggles and David for the tips – I hope to join your ranks soon!

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2 Responses to Time to Code

  1. Jacob says:

    A couple of other resources you might find useful:

    Steven Frank (of Panic fame) recently released the first ebook in a series called Programming for Mere Mortals.

    Code School is an engaging way to pick up some programming knowledge. They’ve got a free course to test out and see if you like their style of teaching, with courses on HTML5, jQuery and Ruby/Rails.

  2. garett says:

    Ooh, cool. Thanks for the tip Jacob!

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