Shiver Me Timbers

In a few short hours, I’ll be packing up the car with camping gear and heading up north with a few friends to spend some time outdoors for the weekend. I’m super excited to be in tune with nature and to have a chance to think about a few things being away from the city for a while. Often, it helps my thought process to visualize certain goals before I go – so that way, when I get back, I have a plan in place and I can hit the ground running. Two big areas that will be on my mind this weekend, for me to focus on when I get back 1) find a new job that I love and 2) find a women that loves me. Two big things no doubt – but it is time to move ahead and begin the next phase of my life.

While away, I intend to fully transform from being this type of Garett:

To this type of Garett:

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