Mobile Roundup XVIII

Mobile-related links from the past few weeks/months:

Survey: U.S. Smartphone Growth by Age and Income

Three examples of Mobile Business

100 Million Americans Now Own Smartphones

Key mobile commerce lessons learned

10 html5 audio players

Square Register

The Effect of Mobile on the Path to Purchase

Bring Your Own Device is a big problem for IT data integrity

The Credit Card as a New App Platform

15 detailed responsive design tutorials

More Americans report having smartphones than feature phones

Responsive Design, Device Experiences, or RESS?

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

2012 mobile stats

Head First Mobile Web – need to pick up a copy

Mobile Payment Infographic

Less Than 10% Of The Web In 2012 Is Mobile Ready

Clear(ly), it’s time to say bye-bye to buttons

Mobile money

The Number Of Mobile Devices Will Exceed World’s Population

NFC vs. cloud-based payments: Which will reach scale first?

The Mobile Frontier (slideshow)

Android Market vs AppStore vs App World vs OVI Store vs Windows Marketplace

Size of the mobile market

Since 2009, Mobile Internet Usage Has Doubled Every Year

MasterCard Is Killing U.S. Credit Card Magnetic Strips, While Pushing NFC Tech

Responsive Web Design Business Challenges

The Voracious Mobile Consumer

New RIM CEO to focus on marketing, execution and consumer markets

Mobile banking to reach a half billion consumers by 2013

The smartphone that knows what you want

For Mobile Commerce: The Year Of Convergence And Context

Responsive web design examples and resources

Virtualization goes mobile

PayPal raises mobile payments prediction to $7 billion in 2012

Mobility, Cloud, Analytics to Reshape IT

Market Share Between Android, iOS Narrows According to NPD Data

A cell phone that holds its charge for 15 years on just a single AA battery


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