Mobile Roundup XVII

Mobile related links from the past few weeks:

2011 ends with almost 6 billion mobile phone subscriptions

Samsung’s WiFi-enabled cameras hands-on

Web consumption wanes as mobile app usage skyrockets

BYOD is Driving IT Admins To Look for Better Mobile Support

The 2015 Digital Marketing Rule Book. Change, or Perish

A mobile-first world

Why Don’t Smartphones Have A “Guest Mode”?

The Pros and Cons of Android Fragmentation

The great tech war of 2012 – battle for the future of the innovation economy

Appy Holidays: The First Billion-Download Week

The many faces of mobile

NFC’s Stuttering Start

Data: 2011 Holiday Shopping and Mobile

Personal Grid: All your gear working together

Study: Apple’s iPhone, iPad account for 90 percent of mobile purchases

Twine – smart little device

How Smartphones Are Changing Photography: The Numbers

2012 Predictions: Richard MacManus

2011: A Mobile Year in Review. Q&A with Michael Ricci, Vice President of Mobile at Webtrends.

Five mobile trends to look out for in 2012


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