Mobile Roundup XVI

Mobile industry links from the past few winks… er… weeks:

Starting a book club at work

Mobile Data: A Year From Now

Android and iOS Now Control Over 80% of Smartphone Sales in U.S.

Smartphone ownership for 42 countries. Singapore leads w/90% (!), US tied for 16th w/35%, China & India last w/6% & 3%


Top 7 Mobile Commerce Trends in 2011 by

Top 6 Trends In HTML5 In 2011

Great data – the mobile web in numbers

Mobile Marketing Advice

“1st step was to build a mobile app. 2nd was to build a mobile site. In retrospect we should have done it differently…”

Google dives into brick-and-mortor with first Android retail store

Charlie Chaplain speech

Small businesses use Square for credit deals

New Version of Google Maps Brings Indoor Floor Plans to Your Phone

Another signal of the mobile commerce boom: One in Four Starbucks Transactions Now Done Via Mobile

Top 10 Mobile Products of 2011

Smartphones are the new smoking.

Which mobile channel will be the breakout star in 2012?

Global Smartphone Adoption Approaches 30 Percent

Neat Little Printer – the Berg Cloud – a mini personal newspaper

2012 Trends: A Virtuous Circle of Technology and Content Adoption

Dear God, make it stop!!!

When People Use Different Devices

Walkthrough of PayPal’s Mobile Wallet

45 mobile operators commit to NFC

Future gadget batteries could last 10 times longer

Intel Gets Serious About Mobile With Its Own App Fund and Urban Airship Partnership

Android accounts for more than half of smartphone sales

Apple’s Supply-Chain Secret? Hoard Lasers

Top Mobile Developer Priorities of 2011: Reach, Engagement, Loyalty & Monetization

Square Now Processing $11 Million in Mobile Payments Daily

Two-thirds (68%) of adults who had apps on their phones reported actually using them

10 Most Popular Mobile Purchases

A Coke Machine, A Dorm Room, A Gate: How NFC Will Be Adopted

Smartphone numbers growing fast. 43% of US mobile subscribers have smartphone. 62% for ages 25-34

Urban airship acquired SimpleGeo

Bendable Microprocessors

Nokia Kinetic Display: Phones of tomorrow will be bendy

NFC will be driven by marketing and loyalty, not payments

Shopping by phone at South Korea’s virtual grocery

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