Mobile Roundup XV

Mas mobile industry links from the past few weeks:

M2M: Mobile to machine

Comscore: Half of US Tablet Owners Made a Purchase on Device in September

NJ Transit to enable Google Wallet users to buy tickets with NFC

In case you missed, Mary Meeker’s Web Trends deck is here

Majority Of Pandora’s/Twitter’s Traffic Is Mobile; Square Transactions Grew 20,000%

The Great Tech War Of 2012

It’s not Google vs Apple. It is Apple & Google vs the old way

FTW – Fisher Price has Mobile Accessories for the earliest of adopters

Double Take: 40% of Smartphone, Tablet Owners Use Device, Watch TV

Data Monday: Mobile Commerce

How Mobile Payments Will Evolve In the Next Several Years (NFC or no?)

Mobile SEO is a Myth

eBay to drive mobile commerce innovation with open system

Somfy’s TaHomA Lets You Control The House From Your iPad

Portland’s Tyfone Introduces iCashé Mobile Wallet That Combines Mobile Banking With Digital Commerce


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