Mobile Roundup XIX

Howdy mobile lovers. It’s been a while since posting my last Mobile Roundup.  To get caught up, I’ve collected a bunch of mobile industry links from the past few months or so (below in reverse chronological order). Cheerio:

The potential for omnichannel analytics, part 1 of 3

The 4th screen – quick tablet usage data

Responsive design and the continued rise of the mobile web

Apple verdict: Set to stifle or spur innovation?

Cost of developing mobile apps in the cloud

Second screen data

Big Retailers Plan Effort for Mobile Purchases

Crash Course on Responsive Web Design

Mobile Site or Mobile App?

Mobile is not just a device, it is a delivery channel

9 Reasons Why Your Company Needs A Mobile Strategist

Starbucks and Square to Team Up

“The Web (browser) is inside of every app instead of every app being inside the Web (browser)”

Mobile Content Strategy notes

Designing for the Web today

Apps v mobile browser

Windows 8 is shaping up to be the most secure desktop and mobile OS

Context is information that is relevant, timely, and sharable

Talk to Me, One Machine Said to the Other

Mobile approach to big box retail

The Platform Wars

Your Mobile Phone Is The Least Social Device You Own

Mobile and CRM: Time to turn up the volume

Survey shows mobile devs’ platform prefs, motivations, income, & app costs

“The Death of Cash”

How long until mobile becomes the majority of your traffic?

Apple looked at NFC payments last year. Oppenheimer suggested tech using only internet instead of NFC.

Where Does Amazon Fit in the Game of Phones?

The Future of the Map Isn’t a Map at All

Essential Design Patterns For Mobile Banking

Carriers are the biggest threat to innovation

Microsoft Surface tablets announced, powered by Windows 8

Mobile changes a brands value proposition

An iWallet

Mobility’s Relationship with Connectivity

Mozilla Close to Cracking HTML5 Mobile Hardware Integration for Android

Mobile, Future of Media, Advertising

The Mobile Shift

Smartphone Growth Paves Way for Mobile Video Explosion

Why mobile must solve its data dilemma – or die

The State Of The Web

Smartphones a Primary Access Device in Emerging Markets

Receive & Pay Bills From Your Mobile Device

Data Monday: Growth of Mobile Social Networking

Worldwide Mobile Payment Transaction Value to Surpass $171.5 B in 2012

Mobile UI Patterns, etc.

The decay of the Phone System

Are Smart Phones Spreading Faster than Any Technology in Human History?

Mobile payment trends infographic

Mobile Site vs. Full Site

Why We Shouldn’t Make Separate Mobile Websites

Mobile devices and local search: Reaching a tipping point

“Liability of obsolescence”

As tablets get smaller, use of the Web drops. Why?

Defining the Post-App Economy

Tablets expected to become preferred computing device

Mobile & user experience design are converging in a perfect storm

Urban Airship Soars to New Heights

Google Project Glass

Beyond Mobile

Nielsen: Half of all Americans now own a smartphone

Are tablets “mobile” devices?

Speed and Mobility: An Approach for HTTP 2.0 to Make Mobile Apps and the Web Faster – Interoperability

Mobile Apps continue to face challenges maintaining long-term traction + engagment. 2012: The year of the App-ocalypse?

The Future of Mobile (Stats)






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