Mobile Roundup XIV

Mobile industry links from past week:

Empty pockets, except for our phones?

Breakdown of iOS 5

PayPal Seeks to Become the Web Payment System to Rule Them All

Xyologic Releases Hundreds Of Reports Detailing Worldwide Mobile App Trends

72% of consumers use mobile internet daily. 18% have dropped fixed line connections.

Feature phones are quickly on a path to extinction. CTIA: “U.S. smartphone users now total 95.8 million”

It’s finally happened. The penetration rate of wireless devices in the United States is 103.9%

In Mobile, Majority Of Ad Impressions And Clicks Come From Tablet Users

Big opp in connecting all the devices around us – cellular devices to hit 24 billion by 2020

Siri: Game-Changer, Not Gimmick?

A call for mobile apps to die

Samsung breakthrough could turn your window pane into a big ol’ LED

Comparing the Amazon Fire vs. iPad2 vs. Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs. Nook Color

Data Monday: iPhone 4S Pre-Orders

RIM Introduces NFC-Powered BlackBerry Tag

AT&T to usher in split-personality mobile devices

RIM buys cloud-based media management service for $100 Million

Mobile app downloads to near 100bn a year in 2015

“…the iPhone 4S was a single rather than a home run”

“Very much in Alpha” – but a great start so far – Mobile Web Best Practices dot com


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