Mobile Roundup XIII

A big handful of mobile links from the past few weeks:

Study: 52% of BlackBerry users plan on switching to iPhone 5

Mobile payment option for the unbanked and the cash-preferred

67% of iPad users are frequent travelers

Big Data Mining Implications – Amazon Silk – Cloud-Accelerated Web Browser

The Kindle Fire Isn’t an iPad Killer, It’s a Non-iPad Tablet Mauler

Only 1.25% of Websites Are Mobile Friendly

New NFC Spec Makes It Easier To Swap Contacts, Save Data To Phones

Amazon Fire, Silk, EC2, etc

What Percentage of Mobile Apps are Localized?

The Third Mobile OS Isn’t an OS at All?

Amazon’s tablet should be interesting

The Mobile Future Is About Much More Than Apps (VIDEO)

Leading handset makers announce support for ISIS/NFC

The growing importance of mobile website optimization

Gimmicky – but I applaud the effort: Microsoft Files More Patents For Dual-Screen Swiss Army Knife Slider Phone

Mobile Payments Are Going to Explode This Holiday Season, PayPal Says

Google Drive? Was bound to happen sooner or later

Mobile Is Only A “Secondary” Channel For Local News; Apps Very Niche

Mobile Web Use vs. Mobile App Use (for a couple sites)

Broadcom bets big on NFC for more than mobile payments

A top 50 list for iPad apps

No Cards, No Cash. Just Phones. An interesting look at Google Wallet and beyond.

Buckle up: Traditional TV is in for a heck of a ride


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