Mobile Roundup XII

Some mobile-related links I’ve curated this past week:

An oldie, but super helpful goodie on Mobile – a comprehensive guide to mobile statistics

Interesting Mobile Stats from 2007

Intuit Showcases Mobile Payments Innovation, Introduces Square Competitor

MasterCard’s internal innovation lab unveils new sensory payment platform

Review: Google Wallet

Technology that protects protesters

Why mobile will impact holiday shopping

Data to boost mobile revenues to more than $1 trillion by 2016

Zigging and Zagging toward Mobile Payments in the US

App turns your iPhone into a time machine

How mobile is changing the web travel business

One in three smartphone users would rather lose their wallet than their mobile

As iPhone 5 Launch Nears, an NFC Chip Looks Increasingly Likely

Millennials More Comfortable with M-Commerce

eBay’s New National TV Campaign Calls Attention to Mobile Shopping – Tablets driving “Couch Commerce”

Smartphone app to monitor your neural signals on the go – who doesn’t need a portable brain scanner?

RIM is struggling though still profitable – where to go from here?

PayPal promises ‘one-stop shop’ for merchants

10 years seems like a long time – “mobile payments to overtake cards within 10 years”

Smartphones the “new remote control”

Work vs. personal use – two phones, one device: Samsung to support VMware’s Android virtualization push

Breaking the Mobile Web

Sonar – App Tells You Which LinkedIn Connections Are in the Room

3d printed food is coming


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