Mobile Roundup XI

Some mobile-related links from this past week – thanks to all who shared the info:

The 7th Mass Media Channel – Mobile is to the Internet, What TV is to the Radio

Mobile dominance, Opera, Africa, etc

Is The Cloud Safe For Health Apps? (it probably is until it isn’t)

Global Mobile Statistics 2011

A quick look – Windows 8 for tablets hands on preview

There Is No Mobile Web

Mobile Platform Wars: What’s Next?

Mobile Web Has More Users While Mobile Apps See Higher Engagement

Engadget’s smartphone buyer’s guide: fall 2011 edition

We hold technology metals in the palms of our hands – but for how much longer?

Medical app explosion – bringing healthcare to your smartphone

The Fragmented Mobile Information Race

Mobile App Downloads Set to Grow 144 Percent in 2011, Totaling Over 18B

For Blackberry, the Lucky Number 7?

10 Great Mobile Brand Experiences – Forrester


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