Mobile Roundup VIII

Some mobile links I’ve curated over the past few weeks:

Google proprietary source code – edge for Motorola:

The very hungry smartphone data user

HTML5 and native apps; Apple and Amazon

Now common in 5 of 6 mobile platforms – total control – “The whole package is now the end product” -

Wireless Mobile Payments to Reach 85% of POS Terminals by 2016

Interesting perspective: Google could drive HTC + Samsung to produce more WP7 devices with Motorola disruption:

Is Microsoft’s next move buying Nokia or RIM? Nah…

Google Acquires Motorola Mobility

Gartner Q2: Nokia still on top, Android rules smartphones

Africa’s mobile economic revolution Video

Can visa really compete? How Visa Plans To Dominate Mobile Payments, Create The Digital Wallet And More

Top 10 App Store Rejections Reasons and How To Deal With Them

PSFK’s Future Of Retail Report

Near Field Communication: A Quick Guide to the Future of Mobile

Slicing an Apple: How much of an iPhone is made by Samsung?

When will we be paying for stuff with our smartphones (in the USA)?

Generative, Self Replication, Procrastination Principle -


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