Mobile Roundup VII

Some links I’ve curated over the last few weeks – specifically related to mobile:

Are Consumers Ready For Mobile Payments? Maybe Not.

Bank Simple announce major deals w/ Visa, banks, the largest ATM network, and new funding for launch!

By 2015, more people will access the Web via a mobile device than through traditional desktop internet access…

Wow – shit loads of mobile data, resources, links, statistics, etc – all in one place:

HTC’s First NFC Phone “HTC Stunning,” Launching in China

Visa To Ramp Up Chip Migration To Support NFC And Mobile Payments

Apple, Walmart, and you: Making money in mobile

Smartphone users chomping more data, scanning more barcodes

Portland-based @webtrends acquires @reinvigorate for real-time analytics – here’s a few insights on the transaction:

Mobile metrics: Like the web, but a lot harder

Really Smart Phones: researchers are harvesting a wealth of intimate detail from our cellphone data…

Tiny lens could put projector phones in our pockets

Watching panel discussion “Engaging the Mobile Experience: Effective Mobile Measurement Strategies”

“Unlike desktop and laptop users, who multitask between work, play and casual research, mobile users are focused.”

Mobile phones shifting from fun to fundamental

Mobile Prototypes for Usability Testing

Custom Mobile Slaughtering – now that is a niche

Why Mobile UX is more than users on the go:

61 Mobile Stats – some great data for mobile marketers

An iOS Developer Takes on Android:

Mobile Users Expand Their Search Habits

ReadWriteEnterprise: It is All About the API, Not the App

Verizon Wireless and American Express Find an Intermediary Path to Mobile Payments

Mobile Keeps Sports Fans Connected

The end of easy growth in smartphones


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