Mobile Roundup VI

Recently compiled a bunch of links related to mobile technology shit – as always, thanks to all who posted and shared this info:

An open source development framework for building fast, easy mobile apps

SimpleGeo Partnering With Urban Airship

Apps vs the Web

Three times is the threshold at which a user is generally engaged with an app…

20 Examples of Using Media Queries for Responsive Web Design

More Apple vs. Google banter

The case against apps

Apple vs. Android: The way it may go down

NFC not just for mobile payments – US TV network tests NFC smart posters

Sencha Touch Charts Bring Data Visualization to Mobile Web

Smartphone Sales Will Hit 420 Million In 2011, To Take 28 Percent Of The Total Phone Market

Nokia’s App Store Hits 7 Million Daily Downloads

Smartphones, iPads & the state of the mobile Internet | Broadband News and Analysis

Mozilla Plans Chrome OS Rival Aimed At Phones, Tablets

YouTube responsible for 22% of all mobile bandwidth

Samsung v Nokia Once And For All…

Android Isn’t Slowing iPad’s Rocket Ride

Why Access To Smartphones Is The Key To Wireless Industry Growth

R.I.P. Palm – “Break out your stylus and scribble out a tear…”

Mobile Payment Users to Reach 141 Million in 2011

Android vs. iOS: The Heated Battle Over Mobile Advertising

Will Twitter Offer Mobile Payments Soon?

iPhone 5 To Use Bluetooth 4.0 Rather Than NFC?

Digital Wallets on the move: 3 reasons the Nexus S is coming to AT&T: N, F and C

Some current data on smartphone adoption and usage

Does Paying Top Dollar For Domains Still Make Sense In The Age Of Apps?


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