Mobile Roundup IX

Mobile-related links I’ve curated over the past few weeks:

Mozilla puts mobile Firefox on the front burner

Samsung Refrigerator with Apps

With all the talk about carriers/banks teaming up on Isis - let’s not forget where Isis comes from

Samsung May Buy webOS, Recruits Former HP Exec

Isis May Get $100 Million From Operators, But What’s The Future For NFC?

Design for 3 Screens – Make That 5

Networked Consumer Device Platforms

Square, the iPhone Credit Card Machine, Going Mainstream

Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile USA invest more than $100M in their joint venture that lets consumers pay with mobile phones

Adaptive Images: Automatically adapts your existing HTML images for mobile devices

A Woman, A Cupcake, A Bank And A Square: Why Credit Card Companies Are Scared Of Change

iPhone owners most open to mobile payments

Tablet market to belong to iOS, Android through 2017?

Why Software Is Eating the World

“The Rule of Three” – Why Microsoft Is the Vital New Underdog in Mobile Computing

Rethinking the Mobile Web – “Mobile First” – a comprehensive SlideShare presentation

HP Pulls Plug on WebOS Hardware, Leaves OS Future in Doubt

Will text messaging as we know it die in 3-5 years?

“Scan and Scram” – Wise Up, Retailers: Smartphones Aren’t Going Away

Apple, China Mobile In Talks To Bring The iPhone To Its 600m Users


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