Mobile Roundup III

Here’s another batch of links I’ve collected on the topic of Mobile Payment technology, NFC and Digital Wallets – I find it so ironic that I am a Wallet maker during this period in time:

Google Unveils Wallet And Offers: An Open Platform For Mobile Payments

How Google’s Going to Eat Your Real Wallet

Square make it easier to use plastic at food carts

Google, ISIS Plotting The Downfall Of The Magnetic-Strip Credit Card

NFC in 2011: A New Strategy for Operator-Led Mobile Payments Initiative Isis

Wallet, Keys and Smartphone – LINE 0.0 vs. George Constanza

Jack Dorsey’s Square Starts Its Bid To Kill The Credit Card

Square Field Test: Whipping Out Jack’s Digital Wallet In The Wild

Native App vs. Web App: Which Is Better for Mobile Commerce?

Square wants to replace cash registers and wallets

The new Square Card Case looks to be a little piece of awesomeness

A big, big milestone for BankSimple – We have cards

Damn Kids. 63% of Younger Generation Eager for NFC & Mobile Payments

Can You Trust Your Data to Google Wallet?

Google Payments: What it Means to You & to the Payments Industry

Competing Innovation in Credit Card Payments?

Special Stickers Will Bring Google Wallet To Android Phones That Lack NFC

Google Wallet On iPhone, WP7, RIM: “We Will Partner With Everyone” (But Will *They*?)








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