Mobile Roundup I

Over the last few months as I’ve been been preparing to reopen db clay, I’ve also been jotting down trends and bookmarking links related to the Near Field Communication (NFC) and Mobile Payments industry — an industry which appears to be in a very early phase of adoption even though the technology required for it, seems to have been around for a long long time.

Looking at the industry, there’s definitely some barriers to adoption such as security concerns, the cost of infrastructure upgrades at the point of sale, a fragmented phone industry, apps vs hardware, anti-technologists, a battle to control the merchant fees, lack of widespread adoption, cultural stuff, old habits, etc.  Simply, people are just used to pulling out plastic cards and cold cash – I am one of those people!!  However that said, I realize I live in Portland and the US is a bit behind the rest of the world in terms of certain technologies.  I am excited to watch the industry evolve globally in the coming decade and more.

The Mobile Payments industry has direct implications for the old Wallet industry and so I’ve been paying attention to it as well as incorporating certain aspects of it into my product roadmap for db clay in 2011/12/13/14.   As I’ve thought about it, Wallets are like little mobile devices themselves. They are not smart phones necessarily but they are little content management cases… or something like that. Hmmm?  A digital Wallet?

For anyone interested in the Mobile Payments industry, I’ve curated (from folks on Twitter and various Blogs) and have pasted a few links below – as always your feedback is welcome – go developers go!

ReadWriteMobile: RIM Debuts First NFC Phones, BlackBerry Bold 9900 & 9930

PayPal Buys Fig Card: A Stepping Stool to Mobile Payments for Merchants?

ReadWriteMobile: NFC in 2011: NFC Network Launching Across 200,000 Digital Screens in U.S.

Visa Makes A Strategic Investment In Disruptive Mobile Payments Startup Square

How NFC Shopping Will Save You Money

NFC stop flirting with us and close the deal already.

American Express Invests in Mobile Payments Startup Payfone

Paypal Is About To Get A Bruising From Facebook And Square

NFC May Depend on Merchants Embracing Mobile Marketing

Good read on Mobile Payment Systems:

More good info on mobile trends, particularly mobile commerce and payments:

Thanks to all your shared these links above. I will be posting a Mobile Payments Roundup similar to this one about once a month.  If you are into this industry and/or if you have any other articles you’d like to share, it’d be great if you could paste them in the comments section below.

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