LINE 0.0: Around the figurative water cooler at db clay we also refer to LINE 0.0 as our Wick collection. The label Wick is used literally as it implies the lighting of a Wick. Imagine a spark is lit… it travels down the fuse for a bit… to later blast off into space. LINE 0.0 is kinda like that and it is our first collection in quite some time. Knowing this, think of it as a fresh start and a young creation for the old bastards at db clay. We chose to begin at absolute zero this time around so that there would be no weight, or preconceived notions, or fear dragging us down.

1 TRIBUTE: The first disheveled case in our LINE 0.0 collection is entitled TRIBUTE. This little piece of Pocket Art provides a rectangular glimpse into the soul of db clay for the period spanning 1998-2008 — a dynamic decade indeed. It is a bit messy and chaotic on the surface though very storytelling and colorful with signs of aging at its core. Like a drawer in the attic, this fun photo print is a TRIBUTE to the days gone by at db clay and the way things were once circling about. Next phase pretty please… (READ MORE)

2 STAMPAGE: The second stalwart piece in our LINE 0.0 collection is entitled STAMPAGE. This charcoal gray variety was one of our best sellers in the past and so we chose to reprint supply based on historical demand for the product. I have a feeling it just might become a staple around the db clay household considering it showcases our signature Dammasch print, oh so simply. This two tone Wallet is screenprinted with raised matte gray ink atop our black Tope textile. It’s dark and subtle but loves sunny pockets and purses. (READ MORE)

3 NICE: The third bipolar piece in our LINE 0.0 collection is entitled NICE. If this Wallet could speak it would mutter something along the lines of, “Sometimes we’re ice, sometimes we’re nice.” We prefer the latter and warmer state of being and so the second half of this sentence (NICE) has become a theme for 2011 and beyond. The critter on the left is nasty and mean and synthetic whereas the creature on the right is calm and friendly and authentic and much more pleasant to be in the company of. We bear up, not down. (READ MORE)

4 FRONTIERS: The fourth neat piece in our LINE 0.0 collection is entitled FRONTIERS. This hashtag came from the notion that db clay began making Wallets out of Duct Tape in 1998, evolved into Gaffers Tape in 2005 and then we custom engineered a textile called Tope in 2007. Flashing forward to 2011, FRONTIERS is constructed out of black leather, which has been embossed on the backside with our signature Dammasch treatment. This high-grade leather Wallet is our first step in a marathon of many of new products, inventions, looks and materials to come. Hooray for exploring. (READ MORE)

5 SILVER: The fifth and final piece in our LINE 0.0 collection is entitled SILVER. Silver, Gold, blah blah blah. This shiny yet robust Wallet is meant to be somewhat ironic and the stacked gold bars are meant to feel like a virtual game world, as well as be eye catching and conversation starting. Gold is one of the heaviest metals and it conducts electricity extremely well. It is soft and vibrant and beautiful yet its true value amounts to nothing more than fairytale fiction in the grand scheme of things. We are written in this storybook together so please always remember: YOU have far greater worth! (READ MORE)


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