The second stalwart piece in our LINE 0.0 collection is entitled STAMPAGE. This charcoal gray variety was one of our best sellers in the past and so we chose to reprint supply based on historical demand for the product. I have a feeling it just might become a staple around the db clay household considering it showcases our signature Dammasch print, oh so simply. This two tone Wallet is screenprinted with raised matte gray ink atop our black Tope textile. It’s dark and subtle but loves sunny pockets and purses.

Virtual rending of Wallet exterior:

Virtual rending of Wallet interior:

Original exterior artwork:

Close up shot of rounded corners:

Wallet dimensions:

Wallet specifications:
Name of Wallet: STAMPAGE
Collection: Line 0.0
Item Number: LZPZ-2
Outside Material: Screen Printed Tope
Inside Material: Black Tope w/ Logo
Outside Thread: Black Nylon
Inside Thread: Black Nylon
Dimensions (when closed): 103x80mm
Small, minimal, compact, thin, daily driver
Fits nicely is just about every pocket
And ships in decorative gift box too!

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