Following the release of our Kickstarter campaign and LINE 0.0 on May 4, I’ve had a lot followup questions surrounding the new chosen body style for our LINE 0.0 Wallets. Do they hold cash? How many pockets does it have? How many cards does it hold? Is it for me? Would it make a good gift? Etc.  This post is aimed at connecting the dots between the pocket configuration we chose for LINE 0.0 as it relates to the intended use by the you, the user.  A Pocket User Guide or User Pocket Guide of sorts…

POCKET 1: primary ID, 2-3 misc cards

POCKET 2: little bit of cash folded in half

POCKET 3: transit pass, business cards, misc paper

POCKET 4: primary spending card, 2-3 misc cards

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2 Responses to LINE 0.0 POCKET USER GUIDE

  1. Daniel K says:

    Ever since I started following this project, i’ve been really excited about getting a new wallet and watching this take shape. Love the continual updates….now I just need to get a wallet

  2. Sandy Rawe says:

    Looks like a small amount of loose change could be dropped in the cash pocket, too. I like the minimal idea; now I just have to get my brain to sort out that way.

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