Interview About My Kickstarter Campaign

Last week I had a Skype interview with Evan from, a video production company based in Canada.  Evan contacted me after seeing my Kickstarter campaign and he wanted to interview me about how it all works, etc.  With such widespread recent popularity for the Kickstarter platform, he is considering turning this into a regular program on his network. That said, I was his first guest – his guinea pig of sorts.  A guinea pig that runs a Wallet company. Below is the clip – my interview starts at the 3:50 mark.  Thanks for watching – it’s a long one! And yes, I say ummm a lot :)

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One Response to Interview About My Kickstarter Campaign

  1. Sandy Rawe says:

    What is happening about the Kickstarter campaign. I thought wallets would be charged for and made/sent, but . . .

    Hope all is well. Sandy

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