Generative, Self Replication and Procrastination Principle

Couple things. For some odd reason, I’ve been doing quite a bit of research lately on 3D printers. Also on a separate but related note, I’m currently reading a fantastic book about The Future of the Internet. In this post, wanted to hilight a few concepts I’ve come across during this casual research and reading.

The three terms below popped out at me. Not neccessarily because of the tech lesson learned; moreover, their application to life and design and nature and coming up with ideas in general. I really dig what they represent and I plan to adopt their meaning in my design strategies going forward.


“Generativity in essence describes a self-contained system from which its user draws an independent ability to create, generate, or produce new content unique to that system without additional help or input from the system’s original creators…

…Technological generativity generally describes the quality of the Internet and modern computers that allows people unrelated to the creation and operation of either to produce content in the form of applications and in the case of the Internet, blogs.

…With regard to stages of Psychosocial Development, generativity is a struggle against stagnation that ascends during adulthood. Generativity in the psychosocial sense refers to the concern for establishing and guiding the next generation and is said to stem from a sense of optimism about humanity.”

Self Replication

“Self Replication is any behavior of a dynamical system that yields construction of an identical copy of that dynamical system. For example, biological cells, given suitable environments, reproduce by cell division…”

As it relates to 3D printing, you can buy one printer, and then, you can produce new printers by making all the parts with the one you already bought (rather than buying a new printer).  Bam! When I imagine this concept applied to others areas of creation and design it gives me goosebumps. So many possibilities.

Procrastination Principle

“Most problems confronting a network can be solved later by others… don’t do anything that can be done later by future users…”

Though the word procrastination typically has a negative stigma attached to it, in this sense, it doesn’t need to be. The idea is that if you have an idea, you just get it out there quickly, rather than mulling over it for several months. The idea is that in time, the idea can constantly be massaged and nurtured until a perfect result is produced. Get it out. Iterate. Improve. Repeat.

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