Creative Portlander Credits

As I was preparing db clay’s LINE 0.0 campaign for Kickstarter, I definitely had to call in a lot of favors from some good friends of mine here in Portland. In this post I’d like to quickly hi-light and thank each of these friends – who they are, what they do, and where you can find their work on the web. Putting together this campaign was a complex project and I appreciated all the help from the wonderful folks below!

Caleb Booth – video editing master –

Nimpsy – motion graphics maniac -

Brittney Myers – greatest photographer in the world –

Mr. Diggles – partner in crime and web UI designer –

Tyler Stenson – elegant folk singer songwriter –

Brian Baldwin – lighting and direction –

Julian Tulips – web developer and music producer –

Thomas D. Reynolds – jQuery and Rails and IT –


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One Response to Creative Portlander Credits

  1. Caleb Booth says:

    Many thanks Garett! Always a pleasure to work with you and good luck on the Kickstarter campaign! Can’t wait for my new wallet!

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