Crappy Design

Pardon my pun (hehe) but seriously, the design of most residential toilets I’ve seen, look somewhat similar to the one pictured below. No bueno. The complexity of this seemingly popular design, makes it harder to clean than it probably should be. How about just a round cylinder with no nooks and crannies? Just one big flat surface to wipe down every once in a while. Instead, I’m on my hands and knees busting out the Q-tips, going on a toilet cleaning spelunking expedition. And navigating way too many surface areas in the process.

I was having a chat with a friend the other day, as she cleaned out her refrigerator. As she attempted to clean the drawers, she made a similar comment about how complex the drawers were. How hard they were to clean. Grooves, cracks, gaps… places for crumbs to hide. We both agreed the design of appliances in general needs to be rethought in a bad way. To get the momentum going, I sketched up a few concepts below:

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