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Wino Country

Root Takes Right Turn

Maupin the Ceiling

Items I collected on a trip to Maupin, OR on January 8ish of 2010. I was there with a few friends, visiting a good man Bob. We shot guns, cleaned out a boat, built a compost bin, did some yard … Continue reading


Over the weekend, we explored the Lewis River area. What a wonderful outing and what a beautiful place it was. My friends gave me a new nickname on the trip: Tetris. I like it and I hope it sticks…

Shiver Me Timbers

In a few short hours, I’ll be packing up the car with camping gear and heading up north with a few friends to spend some time outdoors for the weekend. I’m super excited to be in tune with nature and … Continue reading

A New Life

Begins in about a day… scared, optimistic, nervous, excited…

All Hands


Job Interview

Gotta be dressed to the eights: