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Filing Cabinet

Fast Bugs

Some supporting imagery for Slow Bugs – a look back at Version 3.1

Parking Lot V1

A look back at Parking Lot – from Version 1

Cocky Rat

In the Beginning

Pictured here is some old silver Duct Tape Wallets we sold about 10 million years ago. The photo was taken by Graeme Mitchell who now shoots much fancier things out in NYC. He’s in Portland this week and we’re grabbing … Continue reading

Buckets of Color

Test printing Cat Carpet a few years ago.

Pile of Wallets

A little sampling from my private Wallet collection – some more pics can be found on db clay’s TRIBUTE website.

RIP Uncle Scan

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – These pictures represent only a fraction of his inner workings. I am going to produce an art piece out of his old parts and … Continue reading

363,403 Views: Duct Tape Wallet

At the time of posting this, the video below of my little brother and I screwing around in the old workshop, has had 363,403 views. Over the last 10 years it has been amazing to see the Duct Tape Wallet … Continue reading

Channing Frye Private Collection

Former Portland Trailblazer and current Phoenix Sun Mr. Channing Frye sent me a Tweet a few days ago regarding his Private Wallet Collection: I was excited to see it!  As you can tell, I like exclamation points. He sent me the pics … Continue reading