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The Guide to Trading Candy

This video literally read my 10-year old mind word for word:


An oldie but goodie from 1990:


“Step on a krack, break your mom’s back.”

Sneezing Squirrel

Colored pencil drawing from the early 1980′s:

Glass is Full

Optimistic marker drawing from the early 1980′s:

Tiger Motorcycle

Color pencil invention from the early 1980′s in Wyoming:

Happy Birfday

A random b day party drawing from the early 1980′s – somewhere inside my head:

Borrow Tomorrow

Chalk drawing on black construction paper from the early 1980′s:

Stamp Champ

When I was a kid, one of our assignments in art class, was to hand carve a stamp out of a piece of rubber. I chose to chisel and stampe a sail boat – fitting for my emotions today:

Granny Ruth