Monthly Archives: January 2012

E Burnside

Took a long walk up E Burnside to meet a friend – very scenic:

Head First

*image sources unknown


Caution, wind, etc

After the Storm

“I look up… grace in your heart… flowers in your hair…”

Orange Sky

Plastic People

Fun little balloon figures by Bela Borsodi Shrink-wrapped couples by Hal I love shit like this

CES 12

My first trip of 2012 – recently attended the Consumer Electronics Show: DJ Tiesto performing at after party: Another after party: Picked up my new bike from the shop the day I got back – deep cleaned: Unpacked my suitcase, … Continue reading

Bloody Quote

“The first one to break through the wall gets bloody…”


Bicycle back from the bicycle shop, excited to joy ride, etc… He/she’s a bute… Looked like before the overhaul, will miss the yellow, wanted to go minimalist… The old handlebars inspired me to draw this yellow ram horn/lioness thing… Can’t … Continue reading