Monthly Archives: December 2011

Mountains Beyond Mountains


Ready to Start

“Business man will drink my blood…”


Neat little short flick:

Strength and Intention

“Whatever you want you will get…” Words of wisdom from Mr. Diggles as we look ahead to 2012. Thanks for a wonderful Xmas eve Benjamin and Jenny… good food, conversation and friendship. A perfect evening.

What a Wonderful World

Bend But Don’t Break

Head nearly split in two. Came close this year. Didn’t. Won’t. Ha. Can’t. Next year… not even a consideration. Poof…

Sweetness Dreams

My sister texted me this picture she took. Falling asleep holding my niece Lydia over the holidays. Such as sweet little ball of energy.


Yeti and Leg Lamp

Love the holidays. So many fun parties. Leg lamps, Yeti’s, etc.


Wild, tame, whatever