Monthly Archives: October 2011

Crappy Design

Pardon my pun (hehe) but seriously, the design of most residential toilets I’ve seen, look somewhat similar to the one pictured below. No bueno. The complexity of this seemingly popular design, makes it harder to clean than it probably should … Continue reading


Lately I’ve been singing to myself, while I walk to work in the morning. It’s been a way to get my mind going for the day – and also a way to start things off on a positive note. Portland … Continue reading

Costume Hint

Win Lose

One of my best friends in the world is moving away – lose. He is giving me his bike – win. I’ll miss you Mr. Diggles. I’ll give ‘er a good home.

View at Work

I gaze upon the NorthEast

Dyer Flyer

Toe Tac Tic

We’re not in 3rd grade anymore…

Hangled Tangers

Prepping for Winter

Mobile Roundup XV

Mas mobile industry links from the past few weeks: M2M: Mobile to machine Comscore: Half of US Tablet Owners Made a Purchase on Device in September NJ Transit to enable Google Wallet users to buy tickets with NFC In case … Continue reading