Monthly Archives: May 2011

Mobile Roundup III

Here’s another batch of links I’ve collected on the topic of Mobile Payment technology, NFC and Digital Wallets – I find it so ironic that I am a Wallet maker during this period in time: Google Unveils Wallet And Offers: … Continue reading

Interview About My Kickstarter Campaign

Last week I had a Skype interview with Evan from, a video production company based in Canada.  Evan contacted me after seeing my Kickstarter campaign and he wanted to interview me about how it all works, etc.  With such … Continue reading

Wallet, Keys and Smartphone

With more than a decade or so in the Wallet bidness, it soon became second nature for me to pay attention to people’s habits as it relates to what personal accessories they choose to carry and why. While everyone behaves … Continue reading

Mobile Roundup II

As part of my ongoing effort to research and bookmark articles related to Mobile Payment Technology, Near Field Communication and the like, here’s another batch of articles I’ve curated over the last few weeks: How AT&T, T-Mobile And Verizon’s Mobile … Continue reading


Following the release of our Kickstarter campaign and LINE 0.0 on May 4, I’ve had a lot followup questions surrounding the new chosen body style for our LINE 0.0 Wallets. Do they hold cash? How many pockets does it have? … Continue reading

Where’s Walleto?

Channeling my inner 5th grader on this fine Friday the 13th, I decided to put together a little CONTEST for db clay’s Kickstarter campaign called “Where’s Walleto.” A play on words obviously from Where’s Waldo — for those of you that … Continue reading

Creative Portlander Credits

As I was preparing db clay’s LINE 0.0 campaign for Kickstarter, I definitely had to call in a lot of favors from some good friends of mine here in Portland. In this post I’d like to quickly hi-light and thank … Continue reading

363,403 Views: Duct Tape Wallet

At the time of posting this, the video below of my little brother and I screwing around in the old workshop, has had 363,403 views. Over the last 10 years it has been amazing to see the Duct Tape Wallet … Continue reading

Channing Frye Private Collection

Former Portland Trailblazer and current Phoenix Sun Mr. Channing Frye sent me a Tweet a few days ago regarding his Private Wallet Collection: I was excited to see it!  As you can tell, I like exclamation points. He sent me the pics … Continue reading

Mobile Roundup I

Over the last few months as I’ve been been preparing to reopen db clay, I’ve also been jotting down trends and bookmarking links related to the Near Field Communication (NFC) and Mobile Payments industry — an industry which appears to … Continue reading